Pitch Wars 2017: Pimp My Bio

Hi! I’m Stephen. I am submitting to Pitch Wars for the first time with my YA dark fantasy THE SHADOW WATCH.

Here’s a mock cover:



In a desperate attempt to save the boy she loves, Tori revealed forbidden magic before the entire empire. Now, she trains to lead a magical resistance. But the boy she loves is the monster sent to hunt her down.



After magic hunters kill her family, Tori learns to walk the world in shadows, never drawing attention to herself, accepting the harsh life of an Oshan slave. But when the life of Darien, the boy she loves, is at stake, her magic reveals a mind of its own. In a spectacular display of power, Tori unwittingly defies her ruler and the ancient laws forbidding magic. But rather than face execution, Tori soon finds herself in the middle of a dark game of magic, monsters, and politics that could send her world careening toward another magical apocalypse.

Being one of the last surviving magical Watchers is not all it’s cracked up to be. Sure, the Chancellor of Osha wants to harvest her blood for his own dark schemes, but he’s not the only one who sees political advantage in her powers. Enter a revolutionary who wants to use her famed magical defiance as the catalyst to restore the power and greatness of the magical Watchers. He can’t be trusted, but he is also devilishly good-looking and hard to resist. To make things worse, Tori’s efforts to save Darien have only resulted in turning him into one of the Chancellor’s very own magic hunters. And his mission is to hunt her down. Tori must soon choose between love and revolution, between survival and the lives of everyone she cares for, before the Chancellor unleashes a monstrous scheme to take back the crumbling empire his forefathers lost. And her blood is the key to it all.

Book Highlights:

  • Action-packed plot
  • Political intrigue, treachery, and rebellion
  • Multi-POV
  • Diverse cast and vivid cultures and strong LGBT characters
  • Characters driven more by self-preservation than ideals
  • Tragic anti-heroes
  • Love-to-hate villainy and manipulation
  • Monsters, muskets, sabers, and blood magic
  • Heroine of color



stephen (low q)


I studied English Writing & Communication at Black Hills State University, in South Dakota. Then, I got my Master’s in English Education. Now, I teach Middle School Language Arts.

I’ve been writing YA fantasy novels for years, and hold onto the dream of seeing something I wrote in bookstores.



  • Six of Crows (duh!)
    • along with the Grisha Trilogy!
  • Red Queen
  • GoT (Storm of Swords is the best)
  • Carve the Mark
  • Throne of Glass
  • Daughter of Smoke & Bone



  • I am very, very open to critique and tearing my MS apart if need be. Make me kill my darlings. I will do whatever it takes.8c686004201624961fcced4dcd72640e--grammar-check-game-of-thrones-meme
  • I am an extremely hard worker and am looking for the opportunity to work with a mentor to make this story the best it can possibly be.


An Aesthetics Attempt:



Thanks for stopping by! Good luck everyone!


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I write epic fantasy novels, and I sometimes write a few blogs, mostly concerning what I am learning about writing and my own publishing journey.

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