Pronunciation Guide for the New World

Alyut [AHL-yuht]: a tribe of native Northmen, who first inhabited the region now known as Osha; when the first invaders came, the Alyut people fled north; little is known about their whereabouts, except for the rumors spread by the few Alyut traders that venture to the southern realms of the world

Arayeva [air-uh-YAY-vuh]: the sun goddess of the Yan Avii, believed to have met with the First Great Soltayne, before he led the people out of the desert to take back the Steppe from Osha

Ashi Burodai [AH-shee BOOR-uh-die]: a slave of the Red Palace, and the only female member of the Ilya; deeply devoted to Prince Salla Burodai

Astoria Burodai [uh-STORE-ee-uh BOOR-uh-die]:a Watcher of the Regenero and Conjuri orders; Oshan slave of Yan Avii and Oshan heritage; also known as the Gallows Girl, the famed magical rebel of Osha

Cyrus Maro [SIE-russ MAH-roe]:the eleventh Chancellor of Osha; second-born of Aleksander and Lysette Maro, ascended to the throne of Osha after his entire family tragically died

Dajha Bhati [DAH-jhuh BAH-tee]: a Watcher of the Enduro order; son of a notorious Parjhan privateer in the Silver Sea

Darien Redvar [DARE-ee-uhn RED-var]:a soldier in the Night Legions; raised among the tribes in the Klavash mountains; also known as the Gallows Boy and Captain Redvar 

elenyal [el-EN-yuhl]:a Yan Avii word meaning to elect or choose

Goran’El [GORE-uhn-EL]:capital city and fortress of the newly-formed kingdom of Morgath; formerly a city of the Oshan Empire, named after Magnus Goran, of House Goran, one of the great houses of Osha

Ilya [IL-yuh]: an insurgent group of assassins, bent on rescuing the Yan Avii from the corruption of the soltaynes; they were formed and led by Salla Burodai

Jallaa [JAH-lah]: referring to a small bay along the eastern coast of the New World, or the small island situated in that bay

Kale Andovier [Kayl An-DOE-veer]:a Watcher of the Cerebro order; former Oshan noble of House Andovier, one of the great houses of Osha; also known as the Exiled Lord, after he fled the empire in the wake of unwittingly betraying his mother’s magic to Chancellor Aleksander Maro

luun [LOON]: a Yan Avii reference to the moon, seen as far inferior to the Sol

lynti [LIN-tee]:a female slave garment of the Yan Avii, fashioned of leather, which covers the woman’s breasts, but leaves her shoulders and midriff exposed

Maro’El [MAH-roe-EL]: capital of the Osha Empire; named after Darius Maro, of House Maro, the First Chancellor of Osha, whose family has served as Chancellors of the empire since the dawn of the New World

Merri Kyrsted [MAIR-ee KER-sted]:a soldier in the Night Legions; of Morgathian descent; served House Scelero for most of her adult life

Morgath [MORE-gahth]: a rebel kingdom, which was until recently, part of the Oshan Empire; under the leadership of King Hollsted, the Morgathians formed their own kingdom, and ever since, they have been in a state of war against Osha

Osha [OH-shuh]: a fragmented nation in the New World, ruled by the Chancellor and a High Council composed of highborn nobles; though the Oshan Empire once spanned the entire continent, the nation now struggles to maintain power as conquered nations have slowly withdrawn or rebelled

Parjha [PAR-jhuh]: a south-eastern kingdom of the New World, known for the infamous bands of privateers that raid the sea passages of the Silver Sea

Ren Andovier [Rehn An-DOE-veer]:a Watcher of the Conjuri order; former Oshan noble of House Andovier, one of the great houses of Osha; self-proclaimed Captain Andovier, leader of a small magical army set on resisting the Oshan empire

Salla Burodai: [SAHL-uh BOOR-uh-die]: son of the late Great Soltayne, brother of Vashti, and leader of the Ilya 

sera [seh-RAH]: a formal address given to a Yan Avii woman of noble birth, akin to “My Lady” in the Common Tongue

shenzah [SHEN-zuh]  a vulgar Yan Avii exclamation conveying disgust or anger; something that is seen as an obvious lie; also a reference to literal excrement

skazha [SKAH-zha]: an Old World curse reserved for the most despicable of traitors and miscreants

Sol [SOLE]:a common term used to refer to Arayeva; also a reference to the literal sun

soltaya [sole-TAH-yuh]:a broad term referring to all noble-born members of the Yan Avii, from any of the twelve tribes, who would reside in the Red Palace, during gathering in Vlyanii


soltayne [sole-TANE]:a chieftain of one of the twelve Yan Avii tribes; each tribe is led by their own soltayne; however, the twelve tribes are ultimately led by the Great Soltayne, the Chosen of Arayeva

sorenyi [soh-REN-yee]: a Yan Avii word meaning to surrender or yield to an opponent

terasi [teh-RAH-see]:a Yan Avii word meaning to accept or thank

Trium’vel [try-UHM-vell]: the three unified city-states situated along the Bay of Trium in the southern regions of the New World; each city-state is ruled by its own senate, the seats being filled by representatives from the wealthiest merchant families in each city; the cities keep no standing armies, and have co-existed in relative peace for over a century

Valeria Sardona [vuh-LEER-ee-uh Sahr-DOE-nuh]: a soldier in the Night Legions; chosen alongside Darien Redvar to join the ranks of the Metamorphi

Vashti Burodai [VAHSH-tee BOOR-uh-die]: a Watcher of the Regenero order; daughter of the late Great Soltayne, brother of Salla

Vlyanii [vlee-AH-nee]: the capital city of the Yan Avii, commonly called the Red City, due to the sandstone bricks used in its structure; it is the home of the Red Palace of the Great Soltayne, as well as the Golden Temple of Arayeva; it lies on the border between the Steppe and the Wandering Dunes

xadjar [ZAH-jhar]:a billowy, woven pant, commonly worn by slaves of the Red Palace of the Great Soltayne

Xa’Rila [ZAH-ree-LAH]: a monster said to inhabit the Wandering Dunes, which according to lore, plagued the Yan Avii people during their years in the desert; it was said to spring out of the sand and swallow people whole; to be sent to Xa’Rila was the greatest punishment, an ultimate exile from the tribes, a return to the dreaded state of wandering

Yan Avii [yuh-NAH-vee]: the twelve unified tribes who inhabit the Steppe; each tribe is led by a soltayne, and all pay tribute to the elected Great Soltayne; the Yan Avii were once exiled to wander the desert of the Wandering Dunes, but were rallied and unified by their First Soltayne, who was purportedly visited by Arayeva herself; the Yan Avii took back the Steppe, and they have warred with Osha over portions of the high plains for centuries

ylkii [IL-kee]:a buttered flatbread, a staple of Yan Avii cuisine