Why I’ve Decided to Self-Publish

This post is the first of many that will chronicle my journey in self-publishing… Feel free to weigh in, if you have insight, or ask any questions about the process as I set out. I plan to layout the various steps I am taking, as I take them, from finding designers and editors, to marketingContinue reading “Why I’ve Decided to Self-Publish”

Publication Does Not a Writer Make (What Exactly Makes a Writer a Writer?)

I was at a writer’s conference not long ago, and one of the speakers said something disturbing. Like most such conferences, there were writers of varying genres present as well as several editors and agents and such. The disturbing speaker was the editor of a Poetry magazine and, while she was encouraging local poets toContinue reading “Publication Does Not a Writer Make (What Exactly Makes a Writer a Writer?)”

Saying No to a Book Offer Pt. 2 (Author Mills and Bad Publishers)

I wrote another piece a while back on an experience I had with a sketchy vanity publisher, while seeking publication for a novel I wrote. I received quite a few emails about it from other writers. Several of them asking if it had to do with another publisher we’d had mutual interaction with. So IContinue reading “Saying No to a Book Offer Pt. 2 (Author Mills and Bad Publishers)”

Keeping Things Plot Specific

Revision Reflections Part 2   In the early drafts of my novel, The Lingering Shadow, there were various elements to the story which I found very interesting, but as I was revising and redrafting, found that they slowed down my narrative significantly. Especially when I needed to trim things down. There is no better microscopeContinue reading “Keeping Things Plot Specific”