Posting a Story on Wattpad

I am beginning a new blog series discussing my experience on Wattpad. If any of you are using the social writing and reading site, I would love to dialogue about it. If you are new to Wattpad, it is a website where thousands upon thousands of writers post stories or novels, typically serially, for freeContinue reading “Posting a Story on Wattpad”

Creating a Story with Inherent Conflict and Memorable Settings (Worldbuilding — Part 3)

In my last worldbuilding post, I used the example of a gallows in the town square, and talked about how pointed details can accomplish much more in establishing the setting of your story than pages of gratuitous details. Not only does that gallows set a tone quickly, but it is a function in the storyContinue reading “Creating a Story with Inherent Conflict and Memorable Settings (Worldbuilding — Part 3)”

Overthinking the Little Trouble Spots and Writer’s Block

I am a nerd, and I love world-building. I love coming up with all the little details and why the world is the way it is in my stories. But sometimes it can kill my writing. I have been stuck on a scene in my latest WIP for a couple weeks now. The story isContinue reading “Overthinking the Little Trouble Spots and Writer’s Block”

Diversity and the White Writer (Intentionality, A Diverse Cast, and Writing What You Know)

I’ve been doing a fair amount of research on diversity for a large essay I am writing on Diversity in the Language Arts classroom. As I’ve been writing, I have been thinking a lot about how this relates to writing, my own fiction and the novels I read. You don’t have to look too farContinue reading “Diversity and the White Writer (Intentionality, A Diverse Cast, and Writing What You Know)”

Keeping Things Plot Specific

Revision Reflections Part 2   In the early drafts of my novel, The Lingering Shadow, there were various elements to the story which I found very interesting, but as I was revising and redrafting, found that they slowed down my narrative significantly. Especially when I needed to trim things down. There is no better microscopeContinue reading “Keeping Things Plot Specific”

The Opening (novel revision reflections – part 1)

Writing the opening of a novel might well be the most daunting part of the entire beast. It is the part I have re-written more than any other as I have drafted my YA fantasy novel THE LINGERING SHADOW . It is the sample you send out to agents when you begin the even-more-daunting querying process. AsContinue reading “The Opening (novel revision reflections – part 1)”