Raise the Stakes High (Making Readers Care and Building More Tension into Your Novel)

Have you ever quit reading a book part way through? I have a few times. It happens for varying reasons, but most likely, I think it comes down to finding yourself thinking Who Cares? My need to know what happens is so low that it is not worth the remaining 200 pages of this novel. The lastContinue reading “Raise the Stakes High (Making Readers Care and Building More Tension into Your Novel)”

The Opening (novel revision reflections – part 1)

Writing the opening of a novel might well be the most daunting part of the entire beast. It is the part I have re-written more than any other as I have drafted my YA fantasy novel THE LINGERING SHADOW . It is the sample you send out to agents when you begin the even-more-daunting querying process. AsContinue reading “The Opening (novel revision reflections – part 1)”

Planning to Write (overcoming block and busyness)

For several years now I have been “actively” writing. That is, upon being struck with a killer idea and taking a class that forced me to produce something on a semi-regular basis, I have now been working on some sort of manuscript ever since. However, those years have been filled with long lulls of inactivityContinue reading “Planning to Write (overcoming block and busyness)”