Why You Should Post a Story on Wattpad

Okay, if you have been following my Wattpad experience at all, you know I am still new to the site, but I have been chronicling my experience for anyone out there who is on Wattpad or is considering using the site. Last time, I talked about how to build a readership on Wattpad. Now, IContinue reading “Why You Should Post a Story on Wattpad”

Overthinking the Little Trouble Spots and Writer’s Block

I am a nerd, and I love world-building. I love coming up with all the little details and why the world is the way it is in my stories. But sometimes it can kill my writing. I have been stuck on a scene in my latest WIP for a couple weeks now. The story isContinue reading “Overthinking the Little Trouble Spots and Writer’s Block”

Diversity and the White Writer (Intentionality, A Diverse Cast, and Writing What You Know)

I’ve been doing a fair amount of research on diversity for a large essay I am writing on Diversity in the Language Arts classroom. As I’ve been writing, I have been thinking a lot about how this relates to writing, my own fiction and the novels I read. You don’t have to look too farContinue reading “Diversity and the White Writer (Intentionality, A Diverse Cast, and Writing What You Know)”

Saying No to a Book Offer Pt. 2 (Author Mills and Bad Publishers)

I wrote another piece a while back on an experience I had with a sketchy vanity publisher, while seeking publication for a novel I wrote. I received quite a few emails about it from other writers. Several of them asking if it had to do with another publisher we’d had mutual interaction with. So IContinue reading “Saying No to a Book Offer Pt. 2 (Author Mills and Bad Publishers)”

Keeping Things Plot Specific

Revision Reflections Part 2   In the early drafts of my novel, The Lingering Shadow, there were various elements to the story which I found very interesting, but as I was revising and redrafting, found that they slowed down my narrative significantly. Especially when I needed to trim things down. There is no better microscopeContinue reading “Keeping Things Plot Specific”

The Opening (novel revision reflections – part 1)

Writing the opening of a novel might well be the most daunting part of the entire beast. It is the part I have re-written more than any other as I have drafted my YA fantasy novel THE LINGERING SHADOW . It is the sample you send out to agents when you begin the even-more-daunting querying process. AsContinue reading “The Opening (novel revision reflections – part 1)”

The Gateway Drug (on ‘escapist fiction’ and the beginning of a writer’s blog)

“Fiction is a gateway drug to reading… Once you learn that [reading is pleasurable], you are on the road to reading everything” – Neil Gaiman   This is my first post on this particular site; as a writer you may guess that I’ve written elsewhere. And that quote is one of my favorites from oneContinue reading “The Gateway Drug (on ‘escapist fiction’ and the beginning of a writer’s blog)”