The Magic of the Watchers

In the Old World, magic was partitioned according to the dominant gift of each Watcher. This helped bring order for the purposes of sorting and training young Watchers in their budding abilities. On occasion, a Watcher would defy the neatly segregated order of magic. These multifaceted Watchers, known as Magi, were gifted with multiple abilities. They were seen as especially blessed by the gods in the eyes of the people they served.

However, the Watchers did not look upon these Magi so fondly. To their fellows in training, they were seen as threats, Watchers who sought to rise above them. To the masters of the order, they were seen as overly ambitious, even dangerous.

Contrary to common belief, the magic of the Watchers did not belong only to them. Though the Watchers were the most famous and practiced wielders of magic in the Old World, they were not the only ones with access to such knowledge and power.

Magic could not be confined to the realms of the Watchers, nor to their orderly systems. Before the fall of the Old World, one Watcher sought to defy this system. It did not end well.

Nevertheless, here are the orders of magic, as they were known in both the Old World and among the remnant at the Watchtower:


Medici:the healers

Regenero:the regenerators

Cerebro:the mentalists

Metamorphi:the shapeshifters

Enduro:the ultra-swift



Conjuri:the manipulators of matter

Fieri:the manipulators of fire

Lumeni:the manipulators of light

Sonora:the manipulators of sound