World of The Shadow Watch

The New World Complete

The New World is the only known continent in the world of THE SHADOW WATCH, though it is known that somewhere in the world, there was once another continent, commonly called the Lost Continent. According to lore, it was from this continent that the fair-skinned Elyan races arrived and eventually took over the Old World. Purportedly, there was a great cataclysm in the days of the Ancient Men that split the planet apart, and the Lost Continent was overtaken by the Boundless Sea. The Elyan Empire dissolved in the wake of this devastation, and the people left behind eventually formed the present peoples of Morgath, Osha, and the Southern Isles. Most regard the cataclysm as myth, but nevertheless, all the peoples of the Old and New Worlds continue to pass down stories of the Elyan conquerors from another world. There were expeditions mounted during the height of the Oshan Empire, but no one has ever found the Lost Continent. It lives on in myth.